Allen Exploration CEO and Wife donate a third $500,000 to Children’s of Mississippi’s Growing Campaign

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Tuesday evening, at the Allen Exploration Pro-Am Pairings Party held during the Sanderson Farms Championship, Carl Allen, Allen Exploration CEO, made a third consecutive $500,000 donation to the Campaign for Children’s of Mississippi. Allen, and his wife, Gigi, from Dallas, are close friends … Continued

Sebastian “D Riley”

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Sebastian “D Riley” (Fridays, 12pm-1pm ) D Riley started his radio career in 2003.  He brings over 20 years of entertainment experience to you with his weekly show, “The 90’s Hits” featuring the greatest hits of the decade that brought us … Continued

Nikki (12am-5am)

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Nikki (12am-5am) Nikki used to wonder what she would do when she “grew up” but now she doesn’t want to grow up.  She’s living her dream job of staying in a room and playing her favorite songs all day!  Nikki … Continued

Bryan Jester

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Bryan Jester (weekdays, 7pm-Midnight ) Bryan’s broadcasting career began back when DJs still played 45’s on the radio. He’s studied acting and theater extensively, been a live nightclub DJ and performer, narrated audio-books, and spent 17 years as a writer and voice … Continued

Bill “Thurlow”

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Bill “Thurlow” (weekdays, 4pm-6pm) Growing up, Thurlow was obsessed with the larger than life DJs of the 70s and early 80s. He even created his own make believe radio station.  He started volunteering at a local AM station in 1984.  … Continued

Andy Taylor

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Andy Taylor (weekdays, 2pm-4pm ) Born in England and half English and Burmese, Andy’s been in broadcasting for 30 years.  He doesn’t have the British accent; however when he cries, it sounds British.  He got started in radio when he was … Continued

Hill Bailey

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Hill Bailey (weekdays, 10am-2pm) Hill was an Army brat who grew up in Georgia, Florida, California, and Arizona.   Moving around a lot, she learned to be extroverted and use humor to make friends.  Her 20 year radio career has kept … Continued

Rick & Bubba

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Rick & Bubba: (weekdays 6-10am, Saturdays 6-9am) For over 15 years, LAZER 96.1 has been the Golden Triangle’s Home for The Rick & Bubba Show.  Engaging, fast-paced and entertaining, Rick & Bubba and their cast of characters attract a large … Continued