#2 corrections official leaving agency

Jerry Williams, who has held the number two position at the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) for several years, has announced his retirement, effective Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

As deputy commissioner of Institutions, Williams has been the point person for prisons for the corrections commissioner. He worked his way through the ranks to serve 4 ˝ years as deputy commissioner of Community Corrections before moving to Institutions in January 2015.

Like no other official currently at the MDOC, Williams has managed both incarcerated and community supervision populations during his career. Training, classification, and records also have been key areas under his supervision.

“Deputy Commissioner Williams has done an amazing job,” Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said. “He has given his life to this department.”

Williams started as a correctional officer trainee with the MDOC in June 1995.  Other key positions he held along the way include, but are not limited to, correctional commander, ACA Accreditations manager, and Community Corrections director.

Williams said he made one of the toughest decisions of his life, having weighed leaving for months. He has worked tirelessly with others to restore and maintain order during the recent civil unrest.

“It has taken a team effort to manage our latest crisis, and DCI Williams has been at the front no matter the time of day or night,” Commissioner Hall said.

Williams thanked both Commissioner Hall and her predecessor, Marshall Fisher, retiring Department of Public Safety commissioner, for their support after the agency’s leadership changed in 2015.

Williams, known for his tireless work ethics and “Make it happen” mantra, said his immediate plans are simply to rest.

“I will be forever grateful to each and every MDOC employee and our great State of Mississippi for the trust you gave me to be your Deputy Commissioner for MDOC Institutions and your Deputy Commissioner of Community Corrections,” Williams said in an emailed statement to employees.

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