A new illness is striking children in Mississippi

15 states, including Mississippi, have seen cases of a serious and potentially deadly inflammatory condition within children.

Dr. Bill Grantham, who is the President of the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians, joined The Gallo Show on Thursday in order to talk about the mysterious illness and how it could be connected to COVID-19.

ďThere is this disease that resembles Kawasaki,Ē Grantham said. ďThere has at least been two or three children hospitalized to date, or to the last date I was given, in Mississippi.Ē

According to Grantham, symptoms are predominantly respiratory, making the disease similar to the novel coronavirus.

ďIt is still being looked at to see is it really COVID,Ē Grantham said. ďI think itís something that happens following the infection, rather than a new infection per se. Itís almost a hyper-immune response to the disease.Ē

Thus far, three kids nationwide have died due to the rare illness, and without a vaccine, thereís not much that can currently be done to put a halt to the Kawasaki-like disease.

ďSupportive care, unfortunately, is all that you can do,Ē Grantham said.

Check out the full interview with Grantham using the video below.

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