Commissioner Brent Bailey Breaks Down Mississippi’s NO CALL Program

Understanding more about the process and how to file a complaint

Central District Public Service Commissioner Brent Bailey explains the complete process of registering for Mississippi’s No-Call Program and filing a complaint against illegal telemarketing calls made to consumers and businesses in Mississippi.

The Mississippi No Call Registry is a list, which is maintained and updated by the Mississippi Public Service Commission (MSPSC), of residential, cellular and business telephone subscribers who wish to reduce the number of telephone solicitations they receive. The program is free to all telephone customers in the state of Mississippi. Consumers may register an unlimited number of telephone numbers. However, the only numbers that will be added to the Mississippi No Call list must be valid Mississippi residential, cellular or business telephone numbers whose name and address match the name and address provided by Directory Assistance for that number.

“In the last year, the Mississippi Public Service Commission has received more than 22,000 complaints from consumers in the Central District regarding unsolicited telemarketing calls,” Commissioner Bailey said. “I want to make sure consumers have the correct information on the process to register to the list. Signing up for Mississippi’s No-Call list is the first step toward reducing unwanted phone calls and text messages to their cell phones or landlines. And should you receive and then wish to report an illegal telemarketer, I want you to know the various ways to file a complaint.”

Businesses and consumers may register for the No-Call program via mail, using the Mississippi No Call App, calling the toll free number: 1-86NOCALLMS (1-866-622-5567) or by visiting the home page of the No-Call program: Should you receive an illegal telemarketing or fraudulent scam call or text message, you can file a complaint via or by using the app.

Steps to utilizing Mississippi’s No-Call program and filing a complaint to successfully eliminate calls:

1)    First, the consumer must register their number on the Mississippi No Call list. (Please note that the Federal No Call List is a separate program.)

2)    Once registered on the list, the consumer may then file a telemarketer complaint with the MPSC against the number they are receiving calls from whom they believe is an illegal telemarketer. Consumers are eligible to file a complaint 60 days after registering for the No-Call program. The chart below outlines the timeframe.

If You Register in the Month Of: The List is Effective and
Complaints May Be Filed
on or After:
January March 1
February April 1
March May 1
April June 1
May July 1
June August 1
July September 1
August October 1
September November 1
October December 1
November January 1
December February 1


Before filing a complaint with the MPSC, make sure the telemarketer is not exempted from the law, which includes calls from, but is not limited to, Mississippi banks, licensed realtors, licensed automobile dealers, licensed insurance agents, newspapers, volunteers calling on behalf of registered charitable organizations or politicians.
(For a complete list of those who are exempt:

3)    To begin the process, our No Call Specialist must have the telemarketer’s number and specific date and time of the call you received. Additional questions consumers will be asked include if the call was a recorded message or if they blocked their number from Caller ID. Typically, during the process, a subpoena would be issued to prove the number called the consumer.

If a consumer changes their telephone number and wishes to remain in the No-Call program, it will be necessary to register their new telephone number in the program.

Commissioner Bailey added, “This program is designed to reduce the number of telemarketing calls residential and cellular consumers receive. However, it will not completely eliminate all telemarketing calls. Our No Call Specialist is ready to assist consumers and business owners with registering for the program and filing their complaint with the goal of eliminating as many telemarketing calls as possible.”



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