Congressman Guest responds to calls to defund police

Many are calling for the reduction in funding or the abolishment of police departments across the U.S.

Mississippi Congressman Michael Guest has issued the following statement in response:

Americans want the best law enforcement agencies possible,” Guest said. “Improving our police force starts with building on the proven methods that have worked for years and changing the methods that don’t work. Our nation has worked continuously to advance our institutions, and we have done it successfully without tearing up the foundation to start from scratch. Completely dismantling the police force is a disastrous idea. How many innocent lives would be damaged if nobody was there to respond to a 9-1-1 call? Who would respond to violence in our communities if we abolish the police? “Nobody” is not an acceptable answer. We need a well-trained police force to uphold the law and save lives. Period.

Congressman Guest also commented on police reform:

I am in favor of legislation that increases the safety of our citizens while also protecting the lives of our law enforcement officers. I’ve been an outspoken proponent of equipping our law enforcement officers with body cameras to provide additional evidence in trial cases and improving the training our law enforcement agents receive, which would give them the skills to respond more effectively and appropriately in their dangerous line of work.

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