House approves relief package and oversight panel

The House of Representatives has approved an additional coronavirus relief package. The $484 billion package will deliver aid to small businesses, hospitals, and expand COVID-19 testing.

In an almost unanimous fashion, the final vote was 388-5. Now, that both the Senate and the House have passed the bill, it will go to President Donald Trump, which should not be a problem as the president went to twitter earlier this week to express his approval of the relief package.

$310 billion will go to the Paycheck Protection Program, $75 billion to hospitals, and $25 billion to the expansion of testing.

The House also approved the implementation of an additional oversight committee, which will be in charge of investigating how the trillions of federal dollars are being used. With the original CARES Act plus this additional package, the federal government has now supplied over 2.5 trillion dollars in economic assistance.

The final vote for the creation of the oversight panel was 212-182.

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