Let The Session Begin

The House of Representatives and the Senate both gaveled in at noon on January 7th of 2020.  Here is what you need to know: 

In the Senate:

The Senate gaveled in with Lt. Governor and Governor-Elect Tate Reeves on Tuesday afternoon.  The Senate adopted the rules with only a few minor changes from last year. 

The Senate also created two new committees, Gaming, and Technology.

They then moved to vote on the President Pro Tempore. Senator Josh Harkins from District 20 then presented Senator Dean Kirby’s nomination and Senator Blackmon seconds this nomination.  Senator Dean Kirby was then elected by a vote of acclamation as the President Pro Tempore of the Mississippi Senate.

The Senate then voted on the new Secretary of the Senate. Senator Briggs Hopson is presenting former Senator Buck Clarke for the position and Buck was elected as the new Secretary of State by a 52-0 vote. 

In the House:

Friends and family members of elected House Members gathered in the Capitol today for the swearing-in ceremony of the Mississippi Legislature of the starting year 2020.  Secretary of State and Lt. Governor-Elect, Delbert Hosemann introduced the guests. A prayer was held, the pledge was said and then the Oath of Office was read. This swore in 122 members.

John Oliver Read was elected as Temporary Speaker of the House.  Read is the Representative for District 112 and the Mayor of the city of Gautier. He was nominated by Hank Zuber with a second motion by John Weathersby and closed by Gary Chism and voted in unanimously by House members.

The next position to be named was the Speaker of the House.  Phillip Gunn was nominated by members of the House Mac Huddleston and Angela Cockerham was in favor of second the motion and the House once again voted unanimously.  This is Gunn’s third term to be nominated as the Speaker of the House.

The House also voted Representative Jason White to be the Speaker Pro-Tempore.

The house voted to approve newly elected State Officials.

The House and Senate both adjourned and will meet again on Wednesday, January 8th.  The House will meet at 2:00 PM and the Senate at 10:00 AM.

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