Mississippi’s D.C. delegation reacts to House impeachment vote

On Wednesday night, the House of Representatives in D.C. voted to impeach President Donald Trump and many Mississippi leaders have voiced their displeasure.

Earlier this month, House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment against the President, accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Lawmakers voted largely along party lines on Wednesday with the final vote totals of 230-197 for abuse of power and 229-198 for obstruction of Congress.

After the votes were tallied, Mississippi’s three Republican Congressmen reacted with disdain and Democrat Bennie Thompson, who voted to impeach the President, offered his thoughts.

Rep. Trent Kelly (R) – MS-1

“This is the first time in history that impeachment proceedings have been completely partisan, shrouded in secrecy, and based on he-said-she-said accusations,” Rep. Kelly said. “As a former prosecutor, I find it insulting that my colleagues have built a case on second hand accounts, editorials, and opinions. The House has wasted time and tax dollars on an unfounded witch hunt instead of legislating on behalf of our country.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D) – MS-2

Rep. Michael Guest (R) – MS-3

“Article II, Section IV of the United States Constitution states that the President of the United States may be removed from office for Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.  As a former prosecutor, I can say confidently that no court would accept these Articles of Impeachment as meeting the standards set out by our founding fathers. The impeachment articles rely almost exclusively on hearsay and opinion testimony and present no direct evidence of wrongdoing. As a former District Attorney, I am dismayed that the Democrats have submitted Articles of Impeachment against a sitting President of the United States using circumstantial evidence that fails to offer proof of an impeachable offense.  Additionally, the charges levied in the Articles of Impeachment lack historical precedent and are motivated by purely political reasons. If the House of Representatives passes the Articles of Impeachment, the Democratic Majority will have set a dangerous precedent by undoing America’s vote for president because a single party disagreed with the 2016 presidential election results. I urge my colleagues to vote no on these Articles of Impeachment.”

Rep. Steven Palazzo (R) – MS-4

“Today’s vote proves Democrats don’t trust Americans and reject our democratic process. I am adamantly opposed to these articles of impeachment because they are nothing more than another attack against our president.  The core argument of the Democrats collapsed, and they still decided to ram this partisan impeachment down the throats of the American people.

“In 2016, voters spoke loud and clear that Donald Trump was the obvious choice to lead our nation. Today’s hyper-partisan decision to impeach President Trump in the House is merely a check off the liberal agenda heading into the 2020 election. I cast my vote today on behalf of my constituents in South Mississippi who also reject these unfounded attacks.”

The vote will now head to the Republican-controlled Senate, where it will likely fail. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith have each strongly condemned the impeachment process along the way.

Senator Roger Wicker (R):

House Democrats made a historic mistake today. By impeaching President Trump on a partisan basis and with little evidence, they have set a dangerous precedent.

The truth is, congressional Democrats have sought this result since the day Donald Trump was elected. Their effort has never been about the facts or accountability. It was always about politics and damaging a president they cannot tolerate.

To justify their goal, they conducted an investigation without due process or even the pretense of fairness. Even still, they were able to put forward a flimsy case based only on hearsay and assumptions. These charges would not be admissible in any courtroom in America. But that did not matter to President Trump’s detractors.

Now this process comes to the Senate, where the president will be treated fairly. I anticipate he will be acquitted and justice will be served. But significant damage has already been done.

The founders of our nation gave Congress the power to impeach so that the executive branch could be held accountable. They intended it to be used only in extreme cases, with clear evidence, and overwhelming bipartisan approval. Speaker Pelosi supported this standard just a few months ago but has now abandoned it.

Today the House has abused their solemn responsibility.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R):

“These votes have been a long time coming.  Democrats have wanted impeachment since the day President Trump won the election in 2016.  I’ve followed the House Democrats’ partisan hearings, and I haven’t heard or read anything regarding the charges against the President that rise to the level of impeachable offenses.

“Any attempt to remove a sitting President is a very serious matter.  We don’t know the framework for a Senate trial, but I am confident the President will be treated more fairly in the Senate.”

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