MSU, UM, and USM announce refund guidelines

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many college students had to vacate campuses before the end of the semester.   Mississippi’s three major universities have provided the following information regarding refunds being made available to eligible students.

Mississippi State University

MSU will provide pro-rated housing refunds for eligible students living in university residence halls during Spring 2020. Students enrolled in meal plans with our MSU Dining Services partner, Aramark, will have the remainder of their meal plans rolled over into Fall 2020 unless the student is graduating, in which case, the student will receive a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of their plan.

Parking & Transit Services will provide pro-rated parking refunds for all commuter students and students who did not remain on campus to live in university residence halls after March 16, 2020.

All refunds will be applied to students’ MSU accounts and will first apply to any current outstanding charges. Any unused balance will be distributed to students via direct deposit or refund check. All late payments and financing charges will be waived through the end of the semester.


Students who did not remain on campus to live in university residence halls after March 16, 2020, will receive a pro-rated refund of their Spring 2020 housing contract. Students who withdrew from the university before March 16, 2020, will not be issued a refund. Additionally, students whose housing was paid from institutional scholarships, MSU foundation scholarships, or MSU Athletics will not receive a refund. Housing refunds will be applied to student accounts by May 10, 2020.


Spring 2020 Meal Plans will be transferred to the Fall 2020 Semester:

  • Ultimate Meal Plan holders will receive either 100 block meals based on the number of days left in the semester as of March 16, 2020, or a pro-rated amount from last date the Meal Plan was used, if the date was after March 16, 2020. All remaining flex dollars will transfer for use in Fall 2020. They will expire on the last day of the Fall 2020 Semester.
  • All other Meal Plans with remaining block meal and/or flex dollar balances after March 16, 2020 (or from last date Meal Plan was used, if the date was after March 16, 2020), will be rolled over to the Fall 2020 Semester. They will expire on the last day of the Fall 2020 Semester.
  • Block Meals and flex dollars will be loaded onto your Student ID card on August 15, 2020, and you will not need to take any action to receive this credit.
  • Graduating seniors who are not returning in the Fall 2020 Semester will receive a pro-rated refund for the value of their block meal and flex dollar balances, based on the last day of use.
  • Refunds will be processed by May 10, 2020.

If students have special circumstances and would like to make a request, they can complete the request form here

University of Mississippi – Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi will issue prorated refunds to eligible students who paid for university-sponsored housing, meal plans, and parking fees during the Spring 2020 semester.

“As our state and the nation grapple with the effects of COVID-19, the University of Mississippi is committed to doing everything in our power to support Ole Miss students and their families,” Chancellor Glenn F. Boyce said. “We understand that these are challenging times, and we hope these refunds will help our students and their families in this time of such critical need.”

As a state agency and a recipient of federal support, the university made this announcement after the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) voted to authorize the issuance of credits or refunds for these student expenditures.

All refunds will be prorated for the period from March 16, the day that classes were scheduled to resume after spring break, until May 10, two days after the end of final exams.

Specific instructions for students to follow were emailed today (Friday, April 10) and can be found on the university’s COVID-19 website.

For further information on the university’s response to COVID-19, visit

University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi received guidance from the State Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) to prorate housing, meal plan, and parking permit refunds for eligible students who are no longer on campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students who are eligible for refunds will receive more information via email in the coming weeks. Once the University reopens on Monday, following the Good Friday holiday, our goal is to begin the process of issuing refunds to eligible students immediately and to disburse all refunds no later than May 29. Based on each student’s unique circumstances, it may be several weeks before every eligible student receives a refund.

Please be aware of the following framework that will guide the distribution of refunds.

  • Refunds will be prorated from March 23, the first day classes would have resumed if Spring Break had not been extended.
  • Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding balances owed to USM. Remaining funds will be issued directly to eligible students.
  • If housing or meal plan fees were paid by institutional scholarships designated for housing or meal plan costs, the student will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Students who officially withdrew from the University prior to March 23 are not eligible for refunds.

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