PSC’s “Zap the Gap” program seeks to expand access to services

A new program from the Public Service Commission seeks to improve access to necessary services in South Mississippi. 

Announced by Southern District Commissioner Dane Maxwell, the “Zap the Gap” program allows residents in the region to report areas where they lack cell phone coverage, high-speed internet service, or natural gas service. 

“Reliable cell phone and internet services has become so important to the lives of many Mississippians, especially to those in rural areas,” Chairman Maxwell said, “This program is designed to get direct feedback from the people who are actually impacted by these gaps, so that we can help service providers identify problem areas.” 

If you live in an area of South Mississippi that has poor cell phone coverage, lacks high-speed internet service or natural gas – Maxwell and the Public Service Commission want to hear from you. The Southern District staff will collect information from the consumer survey available on the MSPSC website here:, or call 228-374-2160 for assistance. 

The information provided in the surveys will assist the MSPSC in the goal of bringing affordable broadband internet access, dependable wireless coverage and natural gas service to everyone in the state of Mississippi. 

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