Scratch-off sales to begin in Mississippi on November 25

Courtesy of MLC

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) has announced that lottery scratch-off tickets will go on sale on November 25. The original target launch date was December 1st. 

“The earlier start date reflects our rapid progress,” said MLC President Tom Shaheen.

In anticipation, the MLC has started mailing acceptance letters to the first approved lottery retailers. Letters will continue to be mailed as more retailers are approved. Approvals are based on retailers meeting the requirements in the Alyce G. Clarke Lottery Law and providing all the requisite information in the retailer package. They must also successfully pass required background, financial, tax and credit checks.

“We are beyond excited about working with such a great group of retailers,” said Shaheen. “The acceptance letter includes next step information addressing retailer training and store preparation for lottery terminals and equipment. Retailers will also receive a lottery certificate, which is required to be visibly posted in their location.

“The pillar of the lottery is having successful retailers on board,” he continued. “We are working with retailers to ensure they are well-prepared for launch.”

For those potential retailers who have not signed up and are interested, please visit and click on “Retailer Resources.” There is no limit to the number of retailers the MLC may accept.

Approved retailers are posted on and will be updated periodically as more retailers are approved. The MLC’s goal is to have as many retailers as possible selling statewide. The MLC will continue to accept retailer applications.

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