Senator Hyde-Smith works to reopen the economy

Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was recently appointed to the Opening Up America Congressional Group, joined Mondayís episode of The Gallo Show to express the importance of reopening the American economy in a timely but safe manner.

ďWe have got to restart this economy, but we have to do it safely,Ē Hyde-Smith said.

She pointed out the Small Business Administrationís (SBA) $350 billion emergency loan program drying up rather quickly. Some banks are even saying the SBA ran out of money within minutes.

ďI donít think any of us realized that we would have burned through it that fast,Ē Hyde-Smith said.

As of Sunday, Senate democrats and republicans were nearing a deal that could add up to $370 billion into small business loan programs, but Hyde-Smith is worried about the toll the additional money could take on the federal government’s budget.

“We cannot continue to fund this,” Hyde-Smith said.

The former Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce also noted the importance of the recently announced $19 billion economic rescue package that will go to farmers and ranchers across the nation.

ďProduction agriculture obviously is the most essential necessity,Ē Hyde-Smith said. ďThe last person you want to go out of business is people who are producing our food.Ē

Hyde-Smithís fellow Mississippi Senator, Roger Wicker, was also selected to be on the bipartisan committee working on the reopening of America. To see the full interview with Hyde-Smith, click the video below.

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