Allen Exploration CEO and Wife donate a third $500,000 to Children’s of Mississippi’s Growing Campaign

Tuesday evening, at the Allen Exploration Pro-Am Pairings Party held during the Sanderson Farms Championship, Carl Allen, Allen Exploration CEO, made a third consecutive $500,000 donation to the Campaign for Children’s of Mississippi. Allen, and his wife, Gigi, from Dallas, are close friends … Continued

Nikki (12am-5am)

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Nikki (12am-5am) Nikki used to wonder what she would do when she “grew up” but now she doesn’t want to grow up.  She’s living her dream job of staying in a room and playing her favorite songs all day!  Nikki … Continued

Bryan Jester

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Bryan Jester (weekdays, 7pm-Midnight ) Bryan’s broadcasting career began back when DJs still played 45’s on the radio. He’s studied acting and theater extensively, been a live nightclub DJ and performer, narrated audio-books, and spent 17 years as a writer and voice … Continued

Bill “Thurlow”

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Bill “Thurlow” (weekdays, 4pm-6pm) Growing up, Thurlow was obsessed with the larger than life DJs of the 70s and early 80s. He even created his own make believe radio station.  He started volunteering at a local AM station in 1984.  … Continued

Andy Taylor

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Andy Taylor (weekdays, 2pm-4pm ) Born in England and half English and Burmese, Andy’s been in broadcasting for 30 years.  He doesn’t have the British accent; however when he cries, it sounds British.  He got started in radio when he was … Continued

Hill Bailey

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Hill Bailey (weekdays, 10am-2pm) Hill was an Army brat who grew up in Georgia, Florida, California, and Arizona.   Moving around a lot, she learned to be extroverted and use humor to make friends.  Her 20 year radio career has kept … Continued

Rick & Bubba

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Rick & Bubba: (weekdays 6-10am, Saturdays 6-9am) For over 15 years, LAZER 96.1 has been the Golden Triangle’s Home for The Rick & Bubba Show.  Engaging, fast-paced and entertaining, Rick & Bubba and their cast of characters attract a large … Continued